Image credit: Omar M Khateeb

The widely accepted definition of marketing is “the activity for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that benefit its customers, the organisation, its stakeholders, and society at large.”
(Source: American Marketing Association)

To me, marketing is value creation and every aspect of business is a representation of that value, IE a form of marketing. Your brand, your staff, your business practices, your mind set. Everything you do, every conversation you have, is you representing this value creation to your consumer.

The most successful businesses or entrepreneurs are those run by people who are obsessed by what they do. They live and breathe their value creation. The end result is commonly mind-blowing success – think Lorna Jane, Yoga Girl, Apple, Virgin – when you read the bio’s of these business owners, their brand is an absolute authentic representation of themselves, which allows them to consistently and authentically represent their value creation. Often, their products or services are not new inventions, but their representation of these products or services is unique and honest.

Everything aligns with their core values and because of that, organically and naturally their community begins to grow, follows them, supports them and becomes their brand ambassadors.

Good marketing isn’t always easy, but as long as you are authentic and passionate about what you are selling; marketing (and sales) will flow naturally.

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