Pick the right customers

Image credit: Get Styled Naija

Many businesses believe they know who their customers are, but often they haven’t completed any research into the people who matter most and this isn’t just true of small business.

One BIG online sports retailer suspected their primary consumers were sport fanatics. After completing a non-targeted Google campaign they quickly discovered their primary consumers had one thing in common – they were all dog owners! (They also realised that not one customer classified themselves as a ‘sports fanatic’).

Your customers have many interests, come in all different shapes and sizes and most likely chose you over a competitor for more than one reason. Learning about your customers will help you build a more targeted and robust marketing strategy, particularly online, saving you hundreds of precious advertising dollars.

Easy and cost-effective strategies to learn more about your customers include:
– For one month run a non-targeted Google campaign – particularly important for ‘online only’ businesses
– Capture data online by asking consumers to tell you their age, suburb and one main interest that brought them to your site
– Invite your customers to complete an online survey (SurveyMonkey is a free online tool and super easy to use)
– Capture data at checkout – Postal code / how they found you

Don’t forget that all Councils have data about the people who live in the suburbs surrounding your business. While it may not provide you with a holistic overview of your customer, it will give you a good idea about demographics in your area and that’s a good starting point.

Victoria’s Government have put together this great DIY Marketing Research Infographic (gosh I love a good infograph!)

Marketing research infographic

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