Mayweather vs McGregor fight stand off

Just like the great fight that’s occurring today, there is another fight taking place marketing side and that’s between Outbound and Inbound marketing.

For years businesses have engaged in outbound marketing techniques to engage and delight customers and like Mayweather, its winning streak has been pretty prominent, however a new younger fighter has hit the scenes and is making quite an impact of their own …. enter inbound marketing.

The key difference between the two are the ways in which they engage in conversation with customers. Outbound marketing uses all the fancy steps and right hooks of TV commercials, print advertisements, cold calls and email blasts. However, inbound has taken a slightly different approach, by luring customers in and inserting itself directly into their conversations through social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, blogs and events.

The main contrast – outbound marketing seeks to find customers, inbound marketing makes the business easy to be found by customers.

The reason inbound marketing has become hotter then outbound marketing is simple …. the Internet. The Internet is now the number 1 place consumers go to find and research products and services. Therefore it is pertinent that your business can be found online and easily.

Generating great content and providing as much information online about your products and services will ensure your SEO is on point and empower your customers with the knowledge they need to make a speedy purchase. Make sure, in particular, that your customers can easily locate you on social media and that customers can tag your business, this will encourage your customers to share their fantastic consumer experience with their friends.

Unlike the great fight that’s occurring in less than two hours, if I was a betting women, Id be putting my money on inbound marketing (ie McGregor), not Mayweather.

All the best boys, but when it comes to the actual fight occurring today, I’m hoping for a Mayweather win    

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