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Cause marketing is a term used to describe the direct impacts a consumer purchase has on a business’s charitable donations. For eg. Toys R Us donates 20% (or 20c) to the Children’s Hospital Foundation every time a customer purchases a balloon for $1.

Today’s consumer is savvy, informed and likely green. Meaning where an option is available, consumers will choose to buy products that are socially responsible.

If you are currently retailing products or services that fall into this category, LET YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW, but be aware of how your prices compare. If your products are considerably overpriced, consumers will suspect your charitable donations as the cause and may boycott.

Cause marketing is also a great tactic to push sales of a new product. For eg. For a limited time, we will donate $1 from every purchase to Cancer Research. Or better yet, instead of running an introductory price, use the price difference as the donation!

Where possible tie the promotion in with the charity of the day / month. For example, November, is called Movember because it aims to raise the awareness of Men’s Health. Thursday 14th September is R U OK? day. Do you have a product or service that could appropriately tie into this day, where you can promote a cause marketing campaign?

Remember the main purpose of this is to show your customers you are a socially responsible business, not to drum up sales, but if customers can purchase their products from a business who gives back, every purchase makes the world a better place.

Image Credit – Andy Sellers – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cause-marketing-everywhere-good-deeds-business-andy-sellers

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