Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing seeks to attract potential customers to your brand BEFORE they have commenced the purchase decision process, by using passive techniques including helpful articles, how-to videos and free product trials.

This is different from traditional marketing, which uses disruptive techniques to force itself into customer conversations, usually through adverts on your TV or web browser, cold calls and email blasts.

While both have their place in a business’s strategic marketing plan, inbound marketing should definitely be a bigger focus for your brand, particularly because research shows when a buyer actively seeks information (IE through a Google search) or is passively looking to be entertained (IE scrolling through their News Feed), their anti-marketing walls come down and they are more willing to engage with your brand.

We also know that creating engaging content and offering free product trials leads to more social shares, higher SEO and in turn more business! But be ware, the minute your potential customer smells a sales pitch, they run for the hills.

The best bit? Creating great content doesnt need to be expensive! In fact many businesses are achieving amazing results by using smartphones for image capture and videos. Using your smartphone is also an intelligent move considering most of your customers will view the content on their smartphone when scrolling through their social pages.

The key to creating great content is also easy! Simply ask yourself what value you want to create for your customers. It should not be promotional in nature, but should seek to educate and inspire your customers.

For more information about Inbound Marketing, check out Marketo‘s Cheat Sheet https://au.marketo.com/cheat-sheets/inbound-marketing/

Understanding the process a customer goes through before making purchase decisions is also important.To learn more about it, head here: Customer Purchase Decision Process

Image Credit – Yasmin Bendror – http://www.business2community.com/inbound-marketing/inbound-marketing-important-business-01551086#ddFIKbkt2FbVCLBh.97


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