The third most common reason people, ie your customers, use social media, is to consume video content. In an effort to cultivate this, Facebook have purpose built Facebook LIVE and it is so so hot right now!

In fact, it’s so hot, I gave it a go and I loved it. If watching a video isnt your bag, skip down to read the written version 🙂

Here’s why you should be going LIVE with Facebook:

1. Facebook Live is given priority in your followers News Feeds, even if they haven’t subscribed to your Live notifications. As a business, we have all experienced the huge decline in videos and posts weaving their way into our followers News Feeds organically, but Facebook have altered their algorithms so that if your followers are online at the same time that you’re going LIVE, they will know about. According to Facebook, people are going bananas over live content (statistically speaking, they are spending triple the amount of time watching live video).

  • Facebook prioritises News feed content as follows:
    1. Facebook LIVE videos
    2. Videos
    3. Written content

The more someone engages with content from a particular person or page, the more priority that person or page is given in the future. This works great if people have requested to see your content first, or if they are regularly engaging with you. Most followers don’t do this, so unless you’re paying for Facebook ads or post boosts, its likely some (if not most) of your followers have forgotten you exist. Facebook Live is a great reminder to your followers that you are still active on Facebook.

2. The reason people are going BANANAS over Facebook Live is because it requires minimal effort, but allows them to engage with you in real-time. Customers, friends and family can ask you questions, that everyone can see in the video feed, and get an immediate response from you. This builds a level of personalization and one-on-one interaction that no other platform can achieve.

3. Facebook Live is still relatively new and exciting and most businesses aren’t utilising this tool, despite its rapid viewership. Remember when Sponsored posts weren’t really a thing? Your customers weren’t even aware it was happening, they just assumed a post had organically made its way into their feed. Now customers are fully abreast of sponsored posts and they aren’t responding to them the way they once were. Most customers are breezing past sponsored posts unless they are truly disruptive, but Facebook Live is too exciting to breeze past.

4. IT’S FREE. Need I say more?

Facebook have created Facebook Live with thought. You can practice using the tool without broadcasting to an audience. After your Live video has ended Facebook saves the video to your page and pushes the content into the News Feeds of your followers who may have missed it and lastly, Facebook gives you incredible insight through its “data summary” of your Live stream after it has ended.

Facebook says it best:

“Live is the best way to interact with your followers in real time. Field their burning questions, hear what’s on their mind and check out their Live Reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going.”

Personally, I dont feel there are any negatives to Facebook Live, just make sure you have a strong wi-fi signal and remember it’s LIVE.


  1. Make an announcement (or several) in the lead-up to going live, so that as many of your followers as possible are aware of your live stream
  2. Go live for at least 5 – 15 minutes (Facebook recommends 10+mins for best viewership). Facebook will let you live stream for up to 90 mins
  3. Ask your viewers to subscribe, so they will be notified the next time you go LIVE (PS pls subscribe to Embrace Marketing’s live streams so you are notified in the future :-))
  4. Use a closing line, to signal the end of the broadcast.

Over and out team! Have a great day.

Image credit: http://marniecraycroft.com/15-things-need-know-facebook-live/

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