Maybe busting your hump, isn’t making you more money.

A recent study out of Harvard Business School has uncovered an interesting discovery – being busy is making you LESS productive – yes, you read that right.

It turns out that once you’ve accumulated enough experience, reflecting on that experience to understand and articulate what you’ve learned is the most powerful way to improve your performance in the future, for two key reasons:

1) Reflection increases self confidence because we stop to review what worked and didn’t. This in turn means we perform future tasks better
2) Reflection increases your understanding of the task, so that in the future you can think through ways to do the task smarter or decide whether the task actually assisted in achieving the goal

Researchers found that taking time to reflect what you had learned boosted performances in all cases. It also made the learnings stick. But what’s really interesting, is that they found almost everyone tested preferred doing to thinking—even though reflection always resulted in a better performance.

My advice, put at least one hour in your diary on Friday to STOP and reflect on the week that has been – and write down 3 things that worked for you and 3 things that you could have managed better, then set this calendar item to weekly repeat. If you don’t put that time aside, you may as well keep pushing your cart with square wheels.

Read the full article here:

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